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AMREPINSPECT Supplier Management Services is always on the move with your outsourced suppliers. We are in the countries where our customers need us more.

We have established operating and customer offices in these countries.

  • USA: Canada: Mexico: Brazil
  • China: Hong Kong: Taiwan: South  Korea: Japan
  • Vietnam: Thailand: Indonesia: Philippines
  • Singapore: Malaysia
  • India: Dubai:
  • United Kingdom: Poland:

In the USA, AMREPINSPECT operates as AMREP North America Inc. Contact Isabel @ +1 954 4430046 or email [email protected] for activities in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

Our primary Asian Office is AMREP CHINA. Contact Valerie @ +86 755 27834526 or email
[email protected] for information on our operational offices in the main coastal cities, inner China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

In South East Asia and South Asia (India) AMREP Vendor Inspection Services, Singapore, is our main contact office for supplier quality control services. Contact Janet @ +65-62759800 or email [email protected]

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