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Supplier Relationship Management

What is Sourcing and Supplier Management?

There are so many appealing words used to describe these processes.

Most consulting companies sell these as collaborative cross-platforms and cross-functional partnerships negotiations and leverage with key external outsourced suppliers. Some promote these as innovative, collaborative approaches for managing supplier manufacturing relationships.

Others speak in languages of business outsourcing enrichment strategies; identifying and qualifying Outsourcing Relationship Management (ORM) through Enterprise Resource Planning.

Whatever grand words are used, at AMREPINSPECT we know that your outsourced product is better produced by your supplier when it is being monitored, inspected, audited and quality engineered constantly and visibly.

A supplier is motivated by profitability. Profitability is about minimizing production costs.A supplier does not sell your product. It makes your product for profit. The lower the supplier's costs of production, the higher the suppliers’ profitability through material manipulation.

A supplier conforms to minimum requirements. A supplier bends rules of production. It only conforms to your requirements if your customer representative is respected.

AMREPINSPECT inspects the profitability factor which determines the supplier’s commitment to conform to customer’s quality requirements.

This is Supplier Management. You cannot achieve cross-functional partnerships with your supplier without working on the fundaments of manufacturing and profitability which drive the Asian Supplier.

Find out more on the practical fundamentals of managing your suppliers in China. Outsourcing is Buying Production with Problems - AMREPINSPECT

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