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Our Supplier QC Experiences

You designed your product. Your supplier invents the quality problems.
AMREPINSPECT designs the solutions for the quality problems

You seldom improve Quality by cutting costs, but you can often cut costs by improving quality..Karl Albrecht. There is no simple solution to solving a supplier’s quality problems in manufacturing. There are many solutions to preventing and solving supplier quality in China or any country where your suppliers are located.

Designed solutions for quality problems resolution work are effective if acted on. We do this well.

AMREPINSPECT has been providing supplier quality control services to major American and European corporations for 30 years.

We bring you work experiences in supplier quality problems resolution in China, India, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

We are beyond simple pre-shipment inspections. AMREPINSPECT provides working planned programs to bring your supplier into a better state of quality control of its production.

Our continuous work with our customers in finding and fixing supplier quality production issues create a better understanding of different cultural and business obstacles towards applying workable quality control applications in different countries.

AMREPINSPECT is at its best at applying the fundamentals of quality control and quality engineering onto the complex business behavior of Asian suppliers. We are an effective Asian Supplier Quality Management Team adjusting quality control tools with long term experiences, knowledge and expectations of unplanned surprises in outsourcing procurement.

No company is good in every product. We will not say we are the best in supplier quality control. We are very confident in those products we are most familiar with.

The greater the technical sophistication of your technical product, the greater our efficiency in using our experiences to add value to your procurement.

Check us out by finding out which companies we service well.. Find out what it can or cannot do.

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