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Why is AMREPINSPECT‘s methods of Quality Control preferred by major customers?

From our supplier management experiences we learned that pre-shipment inspection; final product inspection; and random inspection do not add value to your outsourcing contract. AMREPINSPECT is AMREP Vendor Inspection Services. It is also AMREP Supplier Management Services Inc., AMREP China and AMREP North America Inc. AMREPINSPECT is the website domain name for the supplier quality management services we provide to customers through our network of Asia Pacific, North America and Mexico operational offices. We also maintain operation branches in India.

AMREPINSPECT is our marketing channel for promoting the specific type of supplier and supply quality management services in the country or countries of interest to you. It gives you a general view of how we manage supplier quality for different types of products and quality challenges for different customers from different originating sources.

So if you are buying, procuring from or outsourcing production to China, our website describes our skills and capabilities ranging from supplier quality control services to supplier quality assurance work in China.

Our websites are specific on the types of product you buy and the specialized quality inspection services you need for a supplier or network of suppliers. quality control services work in China is targeted at consumer products made in China for major retailing customers in the US and Europe. is for customers interested in getting us to work on automobile accessories for the auto aftermarket made by automobiles parts suppliers in China.

If you are looking for simple pre-inspection work in China and want quick inspection on Chinese export agents and consumer products, then go to You will get information and our service quotes. But if you are in the Hewlett Packard or Dell category of businesses, tells you much more on our quality management accomplishments in our skills at managing complex high technology products from smartphones to aerospace composite materials.

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