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NGOs are Non-Governmental Organizations that are financially funded privately or received monetary support from governments.

The NGOs are united in their objectives to provide good care and recovery support to places and people in need of help during political or natural disasters. Help comes in the form of medical, food, housing, utilities, education, and infrastructural aid. NGOs have good intentions but weak management of financial funds and management of their suppliers and supply chain.

Accountability and transparency of suppliers in the manufacturing and delivery of products are always key issues in outsourcing supply production and procurement of products. Our customers utilize our Supplier and Supply Management Services to minimize financial, delivery and quality loses by applying our accountability and transparency processes onto their suppliers.

The fundamentals of managing commercial suppliers are applicable to NGOs suppliers. NGOs buy and are dependent on commercial suppliers, irrespective of how these are paid financially or are approved by government agencies.

Unfortunately NGOs procurements are ineffectively managed because of inadequate professional experiences in managing suppliers.

AMREPINSPECT is blueprinting an NGO Supplier Management Services process by imposing the working fundamentals of its Supplier Management Services currently in use by major international corporations.

Smaller NGOs lack adequate management and financial resources to have a unified and independent management of supply and resources.

AMREPINSPECT has the capabilities and experiences to translate the working models of its Supplier Management Services concept into a working format for emerging NGOs.

We welcome collaboration with NGOs interested in making their suppliers more transparent and accountable for funding, production and delivery of supplies.

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